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This Is Where We Are
David Gilmour
This Is Where We Begin
On An Island
The Blue
Take A Breath
Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
A Pocketful of Stones
Where We Start
Live From An Island
Videos From An Island
This Is Where We Go

Castellorizon (Gilmour)
David – guitar

An instrumental opening, a stating of some of the musical themes that will be repeated right through the album, this is, if you like, The Overture. Sound effects, electronic and natural, the sound of an orchestra wandering in and out, the chiming of a bell, are indispersed with random musical instruments, each playing their own tune, all this builds till finally the lone guitar of David Gilmour rises above the chaos  in a triumphant anthem that is the introduction to this album.

On An Island

David Gilmour @ BBC [click for larger image]

Main Equipment

Stratocaster; his main guitar
Gilmour is the owner of Strat #0001.
this was not the first Strat ever made 

 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Ovation and Martin Acoustics

Taylor Guitars Acoustics

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